About Psychotherapy

First and foremost, Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. But more than just words, it is a journey where both client and therapist work together to explore the roots of the presenting issues, difficulties and symptoms.

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy both therapist and client will try to uncover whatever is still unconscious, looking for the links that are missing, what connects feelings and behaviours to whatever goes on in the mind, in the internal world. It is a multi-dimensional work encompassing both the past and the ‘here and now’, where therapist and client look into the many areas of life to explore and understand the struggles, the patterns, the conflicts and the relationships.

In an environment where there is continuity, confidentiality and containment you will be encouraged to ‘speak your mind’, to bring any thoughts and feelings, however faint and unclear they may seem at the time. And together both therapist and client will go on to explore the roots of your difficulties, to rethink the issues that may be holding you back and to understand and better accept yourself so you can move on.

Every aspect of the work is strictly confidential and non-judgmental.

Psychotherapy can help improve your confidence and your self-awareness, also supporting you in the development of a new network of meanings and perspectives in life. It is a great commitment, but one that brings about a great sense of freedom.


Allan Gois, MA – Psychotherapy in London | Counselling in London



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